stories2I’ve written copy since I was a kid.

I didn’t call it ‘copy’ though. To me it was just words.

Poetry… stories… articles… books… blog posts… brochures… I’ve written all of them.

And according to Wikipedia, that’s copy…

“Copy refers to written material, in contrast to photographs or other elements of layout, in a large number of contexts, including magazines, advertising, and books.

In advertising, web marketing and similar fields, copy refers to the output of copywriters, who are employed to write material which encourages consumers to buy goods or services.

In publishing more generally, the term copy refers to the text in books, magazines, and newspapers. In books, it means the text as written by the author, which the copy editor then prepares for typesetting and printing.”

I’ve done other stuff too of course. I still do.

I’ve worked in different jobs. Sold a bunch of stuff. Started other businesses. But I’ve always spent time writing. And over the years I found I had a knack for writing ‘copy’.

I also found that most people didn’t… so they’d pay me to do it for them. And that was nice.

I wrote for lots of people and lots of businesses. Some were great. Some weren’t. But I was getting paid to do something I loved… so I wasn’t too fussed.

But I’m older now and thankfully my values have changed.

I’m a bit more ‘choosy’.

I’m much more concerned about environmental issues these days, and I can plainly see the damage being done to people, animals, and the environment by businesses who care for nothing except profit and shareholders dividends.

Of course I have nothing against profit. Businesses need to make a profit to survive. Products and services need to be sold, we all know that. But it should be done the right way, and that means not hurting people, not exploiting animals, and not destroying the environment.

If you agree with that and you’re a business owner, get in touch. Let’s work together.

Mark Hibbitts

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