Are you poor or are you broke?

Are you poor or are you broke? It’s a good question, and there’s a big difference between the two…

‘Poor’, is a state of mind, whereas ‘broke’ is a temporary situation that will change with the right attitude, a little time, and the right activity. That’s why some people will start with nothing and become very successful, and it’s also why some wealthy people will lose everything, then make it back again within a short time.

Those people weren’t ever poor, they were just broke.

‘Poor’ people believe memes such as ‘it takes money to make money‘, ‘you have to be dishonest to get rich’ and ‘money doesn’t make you happy‘. They miss out on some great money making opportunities, believing they are scams and they’ll be ‘ripped off’, and more often than not they believe they are ‘entitled’ to be looked after by the Government, via the taxes of the wealthy. They also don’t have the desire or drive to pursue ideas, take risks, set goals, and take action.

To illustrate what I mean, let me give you an example from Jack Canfields amazing book ‘How to get from where you are now to where you want to be’.

Some years ago, property expert and multi millionaire Robert Allen set a challenge to the press in the US. This is what he said….

‘You can send me to any unemployment line, let me select someone who’s broke, out of work, and discouraged, and in two days time I’ll teach him the secrets of wealth. And in ninety days he’ll be back on his feet with $5,000 in the bank, and he’ll never set foot in an unemployment line again’

He then went to St Louis and asked the mayor to oversee the project. Robert handed out 1200 flyers to the unemployed offering to teach them how to become financially independent, then he set up a room with 300 chairs expecting (as you would) standing room only.

Only 50 people showed up….And half of those left at the first break when they realised how much work would be involved!

Any of these people could have grabbed this opportunity and learned the secrets of wealth, but they didn’t believe it, or didn’t want to put the work in.

Unfortunately this is the mentality of so many people in the world today. So, how about you?

Poor….or broke?

Tell me what you think!

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  1. I have read about this before and it is a great reminder of how the mind can play tricks with you!

    I have, in the last week or so, talked to some people about an amazing opportunity that can work, so long you give it TIME and WORK HARD to achieve it. They simply did not want to do the hard work to get where they want to be, as if anybody could give them a magic wand for them to fulfill their potential. They did not want to “invest in themselves”: they have made the decision that they did not deserve what I had to offer and simply criticise me for being mad about proposing that they had to WORK to get what they want…

    In the past, that would be enough to make me move back to where I did not want to be. However, I do know my potential and also know that every second counts when it comes to my happiness and that of my family. So, sleeves up, I go back to work on my dream, thank you very much!

    In my opinion, if we CHOOSE to listen to the good voices in our heads instead of the bad ones,then we would be more alert to deal with whatever life decides to throw at us. Easy like that: get rid of your crazy thoughts and start again! You can make your own future bright!


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