Television and your children’s financial future


I was watching the smurfs (old) TV series with the kids a few mornings ago. In the episode we watched, one of the smurfs had a ‘greedy’ spell put on him. He then went on to become the richest smurf in the world but he was unhappy because he lost all his friends, and the only way to get them back was to be ‘nice’ and give his wealth away. After that he was happy again.

Is it any wonder that so many people fail to reach financial success in their lives when they are programmed with this ‘smurfing’ drivel from such an early age?

Of course it’s possible to be rich and have friends. And you can be rich and nice too, many people are. And anyhow, shouldn’t a true friend want to see you succeed and be pleased for you? Anyone who gets envious of another persons success has some serious issues and probably isn’t the ‘friend’ you thought they were.

I’ve explained the meme* to my kids. Now you’d better do the same.

* For an earlier post about memes click here

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