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“Mark is an exceptional writer who uses the psychology of persuasion to devastating effect. Whether you want to change hearts and minds, inspire and educate, or simply sell more stuff, he can help”... Joe Gregory -


“Mark can do anything with words and knows how to speak in your voice to help you sell your stuff. He doesn’t muck about. No word is wasted. He can be entertaining, precise, and persuasive. But what he does best is get the sale and uses whatever works to achieve it. He’ll research your market and will write in its voice, relating to your potential customers, and more often than not swinging the balance so they buy into your product or service”... Jimmy Lee Shreeve -


"We've noticed Mark's background in sales gives him a great advantage over other Copywriters. He understands what motivates people to buy, and has the ability to translate that into powerful copy. I'd highly recommend using him if you're not yet getting the conversion rates you want"... Marcus Hemsley