Do you know what your kids are really learning at school?

While I was giving a talk in Norwich a couple of nights ago I was reminded of a situation that happened to me a short while back. I thought I’d share it with you here because the lesson is an important one.

I was at a local school (that will remain nameless) and I was talking to a small group of kids (aged 14-15) about business, entrepreneurship, and making money. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a teacher leaned into the group and said…

‘Of course you have to remember there’s an awful lot of unhappy rich people out there’

…and then she walked away as if nothing had happened.

I was amazed! And I thought to myself ‘Does she really know any?’, because the wealthy people I know have extremely happy lives, filled with lots of love, gratitude, and contribution. Of course there are probably some unhappy wealthy people, but I’d guess there are many more people who are unhappy because they don’t have the income to meet their basic needs and provide for their family.

I was one of them and it was a stressful time, not a happy one.

Of course it was just a meme she’d picked up, probably as a child. Just a virus of the mind that had become part of her belief system and quite likely held her back from reaching her own financial potential. But the dangerous thing is that now, with one throwaway comment, she’s passed the meme on to this group of school children, who will probably believe what they are taught by teacher.

Now I did my best to explain this to the kids, and hopefully what she said didn’t sink in, but how many times is this happening every day in schools around the UK, USA, and the rest of the world. We all want to be happy don’t we, and if we believe deep down that lots of money will make us unhappy, we will stop ourselves from making lots of money. Simple as that!

What do you think? What memes were you told as a child? And what impact do you think they’ve had on your life when you really stop and think about it?

Feel free to comment below.

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