Even more reason to change education?

On the way home from a business trip today I was listening to Radio 2 (yes I’m old) and I heard a guy say that the world population of 7 billion is predicted to increase to 9 billion in the next 2 or 3 decades. He went on to say the demand for resources from this extra population is expected to keep driving prices up and up.

Now I think we can be sure that wages won’t go up at the same rate of inflation, and with increases in technology and efficiency there will be more and more people out of work. So, isn’t this even more reason for the education system to teach our children how they can become entrepreneurs and make themselves a living instead of relying on a non-existent job?

I think so. How about you? Please leave a comment below so I can see what you think.


I don’t personally believe there’s a shortage of resources, and if Governments stay out of the way and don’t over regulate, the entrepreneurs will find a way to take care of the demand and sort out the logistics. But we’ll need more entrepreneurs, so let’s get them started young!

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