Help spread the word about the ‘Daisy Chain Fund’

Let me start by saying this isn’t one of my ‘normal’ posts about education and the like, but it’s something I’m passionate about so here goes….

A few months ago I was overweight and unfit and I decided to actually do something about it instead of talking about it (I’m 50 in September after all). Since then I’ve lost 2 stone (28lbs) and am running 5k or more every other day, as well as lifting weights, eating clean, and generally taking better care of myself.

And I feel great!

In September I’ve decided to do the ‘3 Peaks Challenge’ for Lets Do It Anyway, a charity run by my friend, the very inspirational Tonya Knights. More specifically it’s to raise money for Daisy Ogsten’s ‘Daisy Chain Fund‘. Daisy is a beautiful little 2 year old girl with an extremely rare birth defect called Adams-Oliver Syndrome, you can read all about her here  Dotty Daisy’s Blog

So, I need to raise some cash and am asking for help.

Wait! Don’t leave yet! I know times are hard, so to raise the £500 I need I’ve decided to ask lots of people for a little bit, rather than a few people for a lot.

250 people giving just £2 (approx $3) each is my target. I figure that when you read about Daisy you’ll be happy to give such a small amount to her cause… especially if, like me, your children are blessed with the good health we usually take for granted.

So that’s it… I do hope you can help by spreading the word about Daisy and my 3 peaks challenge attempt, and, if you can, by donating just £2 to her cause. To read about the 3 peaks and donate £2 to a very worthy cause, please visit my Charity Giving page here…. Mark’s Page

Thanks. I appreciate you all 🙂

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