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One of the most important lessons I’ve learned since I was made bankrupt 3 years ago is one Jim Rohn taught me about your ‘Value to the marketplace’.

What do I mean by that? Well as you’ve no doubt noticed, some people make hundreds of thousands, and in some cases millions of pounds/dollars a year, while some struggle on minimum wage.

So, what’s the difference between the two? Well in most cases the ones who make more money do so because they are simply more valuable to the marketplace than the ones who don’t.

‘Not fair!’ I hear you saying… well let’s take a look at a simple example shall we?

If you are flipping burgers in Mickey D’s or Burger King there’s nothing wrong with that but you’re not going to earn very much because anyone can do that.

However if you come up with an idea that can increase a companies profits by millions of pounds, or you start a business providing a good solution to a problem people are facing you can earn A LOT of money, and of course you’d deserve every penny because you’re valuable to the marketplace.

Now, while most of us will be starting at the bottom, ANY of us can learn to increase our value to the marketplace, thus creating a more rewarding life for ourselves and our families, both financially and on a personal level.

Since I actually ‘got’ this concept, I’ve gone out of my way to make myself more and more valuable. Some of the things I’ve done over the last couple of years are…

I’ve networked heavily, building up my network of contacts and my influence in the local business community. Now people often come to me for help and advice, and that’s something that would never have happened a few years ago.

I’ve been active in social media, again increasing my network and influence but this time on a national and international level.

I’ve written the first 3 in a series of books that I feel provide tremendous value, giving important success lessons to kids. This led me to get a 12 book publishing deal at my first attempt.

I’ve offered myself to schools, going into classrooms and passing on my lessons to children aged from 10 – 16, again getting my name out there and increasing my network and influence.

I’ve taken numerous courses and seminars to increase my knowledge. This knowledge can be used to take on more difficult tasks, and it’s good research for books and courses I want to develop in the future.

I’ve joined groups such as the YES Group  so I can associate with positive people rather than the usual ‘neg heads’ and ‘energy vampires’ you find in day to day life (The law of association is MASSIVE when it comes to success).

I’ve got way out of my comfort zone and put myself forward as a speaker. Yes it was terrifying, but now now I’m enjoying it and I’m getting booked to speak across the UK.

And perhaps most importantly I’ve learned to ask people how I can help them, rather than wondering how they can help me. Although we are supposed to be in recession, this one thing alone has given me so many opportunities, too many in actual fact for me to handle at times (focus is always key).

And I’m not done yet. I plan to keep on increasing my value year in year out, and whilst I’m not what I’d class as financially free just yet, I know I’m well on the way.

What’s more I’m loving it!

So what, if anything, are YOU currently doing to increase your value to the marketplace?  And what have the results been so far?

I’d love to read your comments below.

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  1. Rachel Henke
    6 years ago

    Some really important lessons in your post. In fact it could be seen as a step by step plan to build influence and become more valuable. Of course not everyone is going to write a book or 12 (!) – although of course they could if they have some expertise in their field, but becoming more valuable to the marketplace is the key.

    It’s not an exaggeration to say that the first time I heard Jim Rohn speak (live fortunately for me) it changed my life and I’ve never been the same since.

    Thanks for them reminder as it’s easy to forget how important this is.


  2. Mark Abrahams
    6 years ago

    I thoroughly recommend listening to what Mark (Hibbitts) has to say and reading what he writes … it will amount to more than you think. As we, all of us, build our relationships and move through life we will, with certainty, come across not so good times without which we wouldn’t recognise the good or great times. Mark offers advice and help which will help you not only negotiate life but also to deliver against some of your dreams. And it will begin by you, too, adopting a ‘how may I help you’ attitude backed up by action if needed. And that goes even if you are going through the not so good times …. so you, like Mark, give value.

    I particularly like and respect this bit in what Mark says above “the ones who make more money do so because they are simply more valuable to the marketplace than the ones who don’t.” I used to think that values were sort of formless judgements and guidance. Now I realize that value is also what you stand for – and Mr Mark Hibbitts stands for great value in any and every marketplace. If I were you, I’d listen in and read his stuff … and then do something about what you find out.


    entrepreneur Reply:

    Thanks Mark. That’s quite a testimonial. Much appreciated.



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