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Wow, this is my first blog post for a while! 2 businesses I’ve been involved with have been taking up most of my time, but now they are both doing well it’s time to make a return to what I love best… writing inspiring stuff for kids!

Here’s a little poem I wrote recently called ‘Silly Billy’. Let me know what you think! I love it, so I hope you do too 🙂

Silly Billy…

Hello, my name is William
Or ‘Billy’ if you like
I like to climb and watch TV
And ride my mountain bike
But one thing seems to set me
And all the other kids apart
I have these great big massive dreams
And I believe with all my heart

I want to be an astronaut,
A mountain climber too
To run a hundred marathons
And hike to Kathmandu
Compete in the Olympics
And jump out of a plane
Canoe down the Grand Canyon
And buy a house in Spain

I want to start a business
And become a billionaire
By inventing a solution
To grow back bald men’s hair
Then I can spend my fortune
For the greater good
Ending all world hunger
By producing lots more food

But as is so often the case
In a world where most play small
Everybody laughs at me
I get no encouragement at all
‘You can’t do this, you can’t do that’
I always hear them say
‘You’re such a Silly Billy’
They tell me every day

You’ll need to get a ‘proper job’
Is my Dad’s favourite saying
He says it at the table
He says it when I’m playing
He says it when I leave for school
And again when I come home
He even said it when we went
On holiday to Rome…

He doesn’t think it’s good to have
A lot of aspiration
He tells me that my big ideas
Are ‘way above my station’
He says that if I dream too much
I’ll end up disappointed
And that a normal ‘proper job’
Was all HE ever wanted…

Well I don’t want a ‘proper job’
Cos proper jobs are boring
Working 9 to 5 each day
Sounds really quite appalling
No I don’t want a proper job
The thought is just absurd
Cos if I get a proper job
How can I change the world?

So I don’t listen when I’m told
That I won’t grow up great
I know they don’t speak the truth
Although I’m only eight
And I won’t listen if they tell me
That I can’t achieve it
Cos if I listened all the time
One day I might believe it

Silly Billy – © Mark Hibbitts 2014



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