“Best holiday read ever! – it was really good.  I can’t wait until the next book!”Cameron Smith (aged 10)

“Mate, your book Alfie Potts – The Schoolboy Entrepreneur has changed my kids’ lives forever, especially my 13 year old daughter… although she will never admit she read it :). She’s making hairbands to sell to her school friends,  and getting her friend in on it… “Man’s mind, stretched by a new idea, never goes back to its original dimensions”…. Tony Scarcia – The Talent Office Australia – www.thetalentoffice.com.au

Hi Mark, I just came across your site. Love the idea. Will put the books on Christmas list! I’ve been massively influenced by Rich Dad Poor Dad and hope to be out of the rat race by end of 2013! I believe that there are so many lessons that we don’t learn at school and it would help if we taught so much more about finances, health, relationships and built confidence in young people. Keep up the great work!Rob Geraghty – The Wow Factor – www.getwowfactor.co.uk

“Alfie Potts arrived yesterday morning thanks. I read it in the afternoon and can’t wait to give it to my boys. I’ve been teaching them financial intelligence for the past 2 years (they are 9 and 11 now) using cashflow for kids and this book will cement the ideas of entrepreneurship in them even more. Keep up the great work”… Robin Shaw

“My youngest son (8) couldn’t wait for me to read it to him at bedtime and sneaked off and read 10 pages on his own. When I caught him he said… ‘Dad, it’s the best thing I’ve ever read’…he has not stopped asking me questions about it yet. He and his brother have even started planning a money making plan for half-term washing cars”….Danny Snelling

“My Grandson Calvin (11), inspired by Alfie Potts, has earned in excess of £40 during half term week, by designing his own leaflet and circulating it to the neighbours! I was speaking to his mum yesterday and she says he has now recruited his friend to help with the leaf clearing, but Calvin pays him less because it’s his business and he has to take his cut first”…Mike Kirkham

“I love the fact that Jessica (9) and Tanya (7) will be learning such important lessons about money that should be taught in school but are sadly missing. Thanks again Mark, can’t wait for book 2”….Maria Christensen

“I’ve just bought this book for my daughter – it contains AMAZING lessons for kids that they just don’t get taught in school and comes at an amazing price with GREAT bonus gifts! Thanks, Mark Hibbitts for the inspiration! Keep it coming!…..Toni Brodelle

“This is a brilliant achievement Mark. Well done! Something seriously missing in today’s society is a real life education for our kids. Great work!” ….Phil Jones – Award winning business educator, www.philmjones.com

‎”It felt like I was learning about business and making money, but in a fun way”….Kirsty Paris Downing (16)

Love the book, nice to see this group catered for, I teach my kids this stuff, but the book gives me credibilityJ”…Norman Bristow – Telecom Plus

Thank you for the book. I love having money, so after I read it I decided that I wanted to do something similar to Alfie. So I went over to the computer and started to develop a leaflet with this picture of me on it. I was offering leaf clearing from gardens. It took 3 days for my first phone call. It took 5 hours for me to clear most of the leaves but it paid off when I earned my first tenner and a mini pooltable!

I have had more jobs since, and people who recognised me from my leaflet and saw me with my rake have also asked me to do their gardens. I employed my friend to help me and gave him 40% of our earnings.

I am opening a new bank account tomorrow to pay in my money. When I get back I have some cars to wash. I also have a regular job now doing someone’s garden….Calvin Pearson (11)

“The book is great. It really inspired my boy to so what I do… Employ as many people as possible! Corey sat there and read it twice, and even put his Iphone down so that should say it all!”….Nik Aspden

“Hey Mark my daughter Amy read it last night and was REALLY impressed! She’s used to me trying to get her to read entrepreneurial stuff but she actually enjoyed Alfie and ‘understands what leverage is!’ I read it and was amazed at how engaging a story line it is and it will help me to simplify stuff for them. Thanks!”… Rachel Henke – The Niche Expert – www.rachelhenke.com

“Mark, My son William aged 10 received your book this afternoon & has finished it already!! I normally have to nag William to read but he did not even come up for air. I am very impressed. “It is an amazing book Mum” said William. He wants to do a video testimonial for you to tell other kids how great it is!!”…Sarah Bradden

“I thought it was a good book because it was short but had a great lesson about how to make money. It’s a great book and I only wish I had it 3 weeks ago so I could have brought it into school for world book day when everyone had to bring their favourite book to school. Me and my friend were trying to have a business but I don’t think he understands the point of the word profit! Just to say once again your book was exellent, has great ideas for making money, and is definitely a good lesson to have in life”….Thomas McCarthy – age 11

Hi Mark, got your book soon after ordering and I have read it already! Love it! Easy to read, makes sense and my nearly 14 yr old son will read it now. I have also suggested to a teacher I spoke to about it tonight as she mentioned “mini enterprise” for her primary school, and I said I have just read this bookm and it’s just right for the children there at school. She was all for it!! You may get a few more sales ;-) ….Ania Sagajllo

“Thank you so much for the Alfie Potts book. We read it last night. It is “AWESOME” to quote Alfie. Daniel loved it. Food for thought. He has taken it to school. I am sure all the kids will love it, especially as the Easter break is almost upon us and they get the opportunity of putting some of their ideas to the test”….Anne Pearson

“Received the Alfie Potts book today. Thankyou for personalising it and my children say they love it!”… Steve Laggner, Australia

I love the book about Alfie:) My grandma Helga got it for me, it’s really great and I’m now running a cake business. Thank you for making such an awesome book!:D”…Sophia Sparrow aged 14.

“LOVE your book. I just read it, you mate are a genius genius genius i just love it, perfectly written, illustrated 10/10″Brad Burton – MD of 4Networking

“Mark, I received the book today and started reading it immediately. I was not able to put it down! I got a lot out of it. I will be ordering more soon as gifts! Thanks!”… Ricardo Santana USA