The Right Lessons?

My friend Helga is a network marketer with Nuskin, one of the giants in the MLM industry. She’s also a big Alfie Potts fan, as is her Granddaughter Sophia. Well today Helga told me a true story and I thought I’d share it with you. While it may sound like a story from an Alfie Potts book, it actually happened some 8 years ago in New Zealand!

One of Helga’s NuSkin friends had a 15 year old boy, who with his birthday fast approaching, was asking for a car as a birthday gift (I guess they drive early over there). All his friends either had one or were getting one, so you can picture his face when, on his birthday, his father gave him a lawnmower instead!

He was furious! But the father explained that he now has the tool to earn the money for his car, and that he would double his son’s earnings, which he did.

Now aged 23, the son drives a BMW, owns his own boat, and has bought 2 rental properties. He also has a thriving MLM business as a NuSkin distributor under his father.

His dad stopped doubling the earnings a while back!

How many of us would have done the same thing, and how many would have given in and bought the car? And I wonder, if his dad had bought the car as his son wished, whether he’d be where he is now at age 23?

I’d love to hear your thoughts?

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  1. Rachel Henke
    7 years ago

    I told my 15 year old this story (on her birthday) and she said ‘so I take it you’re not buying me a car then!’


    entrepreneur Reply:

    lol, did she get a mower Rachel?


  2. Simon Wright
    7 years ago

    Fantastic story Mark. It is a little young for a 15 year old to be driving a car for sure. 🙂
    Better he learn a trade and make his own way in the world than receiving hand outs.
    Children have such a natural abundance of imagination when channeled correctly. My son although didn’t make money for himself helped to raise over £100 on a sponsored bike ride when he was presented with a new bike. He got an article printed in the local news paper about his efforts too. I can’t remember the charity but I know he will never forget the experience and who knows one day he too will start a charity that will help millions just because of one experience.


    entrepreneur Reply:

    Thanks for that Simon. Great story!


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