The thing I like best about writing books…

The thing I like best about writing the Alfie Potts books is the testimonials I receive from children who have read the stories, and also from their parents and grandparents. Here’s one I heard recently…

One night I was at The Business Club, a Norfolk networking group, and during the ‘elevator pitches’ one of the business owners stood up and told the story of his 12 year old grandson.

The boy was, in Granddad’s words, ‘lazy’. All he ever did was play computer games and he had a really negative attitude. Granddad decided to buy him the first 2 Alfie Potts books, which to Granddads amazement he read right away.

After reading them he asked his Granddad to help him print some flyers and business cards, then he passed them out around the neighbours and got himself a bunch of jobs to do. During the course of the week the young lad made £78 (about $100) and his attitude has now turned from negative to really positive (happens a lot when you get your own money in your pocket!)

Isn’t that brilliant!?!

I love my job!

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