There’s Greatness in the Room…

A few nights ago I had the good fortune to hear the one and only Marlon Smith speaking at the Yes! Group Norwich. Marlon is a bit of a legend, extremely funny, and a master motivator, and if you haven’t seen him yet I’d highly recommend that you do.

That night, one of his favourite and oft repeated phrases really struck a chord with me.

‘There’s greatness in the room’

Yes! I thought. He’s right, there IS greatness in the room. But not just in this room…  in EVERY room… and that includes every school room too.

You see I believe every school room in the world is filled with greatness. I believe every child has a unique gift they can develop to build a future for themselves and make a positive impact on the world. The problem is the education system does not do enough to encourage that greatness.

Schools are too busy with the curriculum and Government targets to spend time finding where each individual children’s genius lies, then nurturing it until they leave school as confident, skilled young adults, knowing they can make their own way in the world doing the thing they were born to do.

I think it’s time for a change.

Do you?

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  1. Samuel Schmid
    6 years ago

    Indeed, I do agree with you!


  2. Amanda
    6 years ago

    It’s sad we don’t have more schools, as there are a small few, that recognize exactly what you have stated here – there is greatness in every room! Children are full of potential, and just because that potential for greatness is not translated into great standardized test scores or the ability to regurgitate memorized information on demand does not in any way mean they do not have great gifts that need to be nurtured.


  3. Karen Marie Shelton
    6 years ago

    This is such a great post. Schools today have lost that special ability to champion and encourage students to embrace their uniqueness and specialness. Finding the greatness in each room would go a long way to helping not only the student follow their own abilities but it would help the entire world.


  4. Joanne
    6 years ago

    An an unschooling parent, I know the school system is a failing system that more often than not, does more harm than good. It squashes the creative process, hinders actual learning and places priorities on testing and grades. I pulled my kids out of school soon after adopting them, in the 1st, 4th and 5th grades. They’re now in the 8th and 11th grades (the oldest is done) and we’ve never looked back. School has nothing to offer my children.


  5. Nicolas Liu
    6 years ago

    Over emphasize numerical target would lead to transaction only education. There’s no education. There’s only exchange. School exchanges target with government funding. Teacher exchanges job security with score distribution. We need someone to shout: There’s greatness in the room. And we want true education.


  6. Anne Thomas
    6 years ago

    Yes I agree!


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